The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003

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34. Have you earned any income from business firms in the following industries? (check all that apply)

During the past 2 years During previous years
Software/IT 65.26% (out of 1494 responses) 49.67%
Computer Hardware 12.52% 13.72%
Banking and Finance 6.16% 6.63%
Accounting 2.61% 3.35%
Other 10.58% 9.84%
1494 total responses*

* A total of 1210 respondents checked at least one answer to this question. I will assume that the 284 respondents who provided an answer to question 33, but did not check any answers to this question, did so intentionally. The total number of responses is then assumed to be 1210+284 = 1494.