The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003

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7. What are the roles of an open source/free software license? (check all that apply)

To prevent others from appropriating the software we've created 920 59.74% (out of 1540 respondents*)
To allow us to create OS/FS without scaring commercial firms from using it 709 46.04%
To force credit to be given to programmers' work 702 45.58%
To promote the launching of other OS/FS programs 661 42.92%
To protect the freedom that software users should have 1278 82.99%

* We do not know exactly how many people intentionally left all answers unchecked, in contrast to those who left all answers unchecked because they skipped this question altogether. We used the total number of people who answered question #6 as a proxy for the total number who did not skip this question.