Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool (FFIT)

The online Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool (FFIT) is a self-service website that helps you manage your University financial resources with an easy-to-use interface and accurate, always available data. FFIT reports your fund balances and provides the ability to drill-down to transaction details for all your active accounts and funds —just like your bank account.

In FFIT, current, projected, and forecasted balances are calculated using a combination of budget, revenue, expenditure, and commitment information as appropriate for each account –– including information from the Commitment Management System (CMS), if desired. As of April 2012, FFIT provides the same information for organizationally owned accounts and funds in a separate Organization Financial Inquiry Tool (OFIT) tab (as appropriate).

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FFIT Features

Accurate and Timely Data

FFIT data is refreshed on a nightly basis from multiple Stanford financial systems, providing official, up-to-date data that you can trust.

24/7 on Your Schedule

Whether you're at work or at home, you can log into FFIT anytime to view your funds. No more requests for admins to look up your balances or reliance on out-of-date reports!

Visibility into Transaction Data

Want to dig deeper into your transactions? Click on a hyperlink to bring up comprehensive commitment and expenditure details, revenue and transfers, and more. And if you want offline copies, simply export to Excel or PDF.

Easy to Use

FFIT is like an online bank account, with a clean layout and easy-to-read information. It provides balances for all of your active accounts and funds, so you can manage everything on a single screen.

Data to Best Manage Funds

FFIT lets you see how your transactions directly .impact your funds. With current information on your fund status, you will  you can optimize your fund management in support of your teaching and research.

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Access and Authority

If you are setup as the Principal Owner for a Project, Task, and/or Award account segment, you are automatically granted access to FFIT. No further authority is required in the Authority Manager granting tool.

You can access FFIT by going to https://ffit.stanford.edu. Once in FFIT, your home page will consist of the Individual Accounts tab. The page allows you to view your accounts information by sections. The page also offers drop-down menus which provide balances and drill-down transactions details.

The Organizational Financial Inquiry Tool (OFIT) resides in the Organizational Accounts tab. It has the same functionality as FFIT, but it only displays organizationally owned Non-Sponsored accounts where the Principal Owner value for a Project, Task, and/or Award account segment, is generic: CHAIR, COACH, DEAN, DIRECTOR, DIVISION CHIEF, PRESIDENT, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, and/or PROVOST.

You can access OFIT by going to https://ffit.stanford.edu and clicking on the Organizational Accounts tab. The page allows you to view your accounts information by sections and offers drop-down menus that provide balances and drill-down transactions details.

If you require access to organizationally owned accounts in OFIT, please consult your authorized grantor who will be able to complete your request directly in Authority Manager via the Reporting Salary Award or Reporting Salary View privileges.

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