Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool (FFIT)

The online Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool (FFIT) helps you manage your University financial resources by providing balances and drill-down transaction details for all your active accounts and funds – including those you manage on behalf of school or department programs. Current, projected and forecasted balances are calculated using a combination of budget, revenue, expenditure and commitment information as appropriate for each account.

Access & Authority to Use FFIT

Access to the tool is automatically granted to faculty researchers for all their respective accounts, regardless of where the activity occurs.

Authority for administrators (e.g., local financial staff, department managers, chairs, deans, etc.) is based on the administrator's financial reporting privileges in Authority Manager. To view a specific researcher's inquiry results, an administrator must have been granted either:

  • Salary View Authority for at least one of the researcher's respective org codes; or
  • Salary View Authority based on the specific researcher's name.

To view a specific departmentally owned report, an administrator must have been granted Salary View Authority for the related org code.

Individuals log in to FFIT using their personal SUNet ID and password.

For more information on FFIT features and functions, see

Or, log on to FFIT.

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