Fund Title Query Tool

The Fund Title Query tool is a web-based inquiry tool used to access Oracle Financials information.

Specifically, the Fund Title Query tool is used to quickly look up a fund by its title, to determine if it is appropriate to apply specific transactions to the fund. The Fund Title Query tool allows you to:

  • Find fund(s) based on a search of the fund title (Award name) or number. The search is not case-sensitive, and does not need to contain the whole title, just a word or partial word.
  • Look up information about a fund, including the fund purpose and the Project-Tasks linked to the fund (Award) and a variety of attributes.

For a more detailed description of the tool, view the Using the Fund Title Query job aid.

To access this inquiry tool and others, launch Oracle Applications and click on the "SU Inquiry Tools and Forms" folder and link in the Navigator section of the Home page.

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