Bulletin: Stanford Receives Award for Rapid Adoption of SmartMart (Posted March 8, 2010)

Rapid Adoption Award for SmartMart

Do you shop SmartMart?  More than 3900 of your colleagues rely on SmartMart for their department purchases. Stanford recently received an award from SciQuest for rapid adoption of their eProcurement technology, branded by Stanford as SmartMart and introduced to campus August 2009. This rapid adoption is attributed to SmartMart's intuitive user interface, robust shopping and browsing features, fast order processing, and expansive supplier and product offerings (approximately 40 suppliers offering nearly 3 million products.)

Using SmartMart significantly reduces time-consuming order processing and payment tasks. Pre-negotiated pricing with qualified suppliers ensures confidence in your purchasing. The number of participating SmartMart suppliers and product offerings continues to grow, as does the number of Stanford SmartMart shoppers. To learn more, see SmartMart Catalog Ordering in iProcurement.

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