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PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance Authority

Departments are responsible for granting and updating authority privileges. School / department Budget Officers can grant PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance authority using the Authority Manager application. The role and associated privileges you are assigned in Authority Manager determine the tasks you can perform in PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance. If you have questions about individual assignments, please contact your School / department Budget Officer.

If you do not have PTA Manager or PTA Maintenance authority, you can find out which individuals do have authority as well as which individuals are able to grant authority by visiting the How To: Determine Individuals with Authority for PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance page.

Training may be required prior to users being granted the authority to access the system. See the Training section for more information.

Note:  In PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance, you will have access to accounts (PTAs) as defined in your Oracle Financials reporting authority (i.e., ReportMart3).

PTA Manager Authority PTA Maintenance Authority

arrowPTA Manager User

If you are responsible for requesting PTAs, you will need PTA Manager User authority. This role allows you to request new PTA accounts, upload documents, designate approval routings, and track PTA set-up progress. Using this role you can also add new project(s) and/or task(s) to existing accounts.

arrowPTA Manager Approver

If you are responsible for review and approval of PTA requests, you will need PTA Manager Approver authority. PTA Manager Approver authority allows the same capabilities as PTA User authority along with the ability to electronically approve or return PTA requests to the initiator.

arrowPTA Manager View

This role allows those individuals who do not request or approve PTAs, the ability to view and/or obtain status of requests submitted for their department.

arrowPTA Maintenance User

If you are required to update PTA attributes "owned" at the school or department levels, you will need PTA Maintenance User authority.

arrowPTA Maintenance (Limited)

If you only need to maintain Manager and Email Distribution Flag values at the department level, you will need PTA Maintenance (Limited) authority.


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