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How To:  Review and Approve, Return, Reassign or Terminate / Cancel a Non-Sponsored PTA Request

Before You Start

Review the email notification requesting your review. Record the Transaction ID number.


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  Step 1 – Log in to PTA Manager Approver

arrow  Step 2 – Access PTA Requests

Important:  Please maximize your browser window from this Step on as some buttons are located at the right of the screen.

From Dashboard

From Search

arrow  Step 3 – Review PTA Information

View Tab by Tab

View in a PDF

  Step 4 – Review Attachment(s) if applicable

  Step 5 – Review Approval Routing Setup

arrow  Step 6 – Act on Assigned Tasks


Return to Initiator


Terminate / Cancel Request


What's Next?

  • Check the Account Setup: In Progress and Completed Requests tabs on the Dashboard for your request status.
  • You can reassign the request before the transaction is completed. You may review the request but will not be able to edit the transaction if you are not the Initiator or if the transaction has been submitted.
  • To make changes to a completed PTA setup, see For Updating PTA Attributes section on the How To... page.


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