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The following reports are available in ReportMart3 to help staff track the setup status of Projects, Tasks, and Awards.

Related Report Types and Uses for Projects, Tasks, and Awards
Report Title Report Description
FIN_OSR_180_PTA_Configuration The Sponsored Projects PTA Configuration Report shows the setup values, project funding information, and the associated task values, budget, and award closeout information for a selected list of projects. One report will print per project. This report was designed for OSR setup staff.
FIN_REF_216_Award_Config_Report The Award Configuration Report shows the setup values, funding installments, award budget, and project funding information for a selected list of awards. The budget information is consistent with the data displayed in the Oracle "Award Budgets" form updated during Award entry. All tasks (baselined and not baselined) associated with any project which has been budgeted, will be represented in the report table. One report will print per award.
FIN_REF_229_PTA_Listing The PTA Listing Report displays the title, owning organization, principal owner, manager, type, start date, end date, and legacy account for requested Project, Task, and Award combinations.
FIN_REF_275_Award_View The three "view" reports provide a consistent approach towards viewing report data. Tabs are available to view data at a summary PTA level, and by category or expenditure type. Based on your role or perspective, you can choose to view expenditures by Award, Project, or by Task. Data provided includes Budget, Expenditure, Commitments and Variance. All the reports include a data-rich download tab ready for use in excel. Authority is required.

Inquiry Tools

Fund Title Query

Use the Fund Title Query to quickly find information about a Fund(s) and its PTAs to determine if it is appropriate to use the fund for a specific transaction.

  • Find fund(s) based on a search of the fund title (Award name) or number. The search is not case sensitive, and does not need to contain the whole title, just a word or partial word.
  • Look up information about a fund, including the fund purpose and the Project-Tasks linked to the fund (Award) and a variety of attributes.
  • See How To: Identify PTA Using the Fund Title Query.

Signature Authority Query

Use the Signature Authority Query to find authorized approvers for a Project-Task or an Award. This is particularly useful to those verifying authority off-line.

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