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About Tidemark Budgeting

What Is Tidemark?

The Tidemark budget management tool integrates salary and non-salary expense budgeting with all the various funding sources in a live, multi-user, database-driven system that automatically interfaces with other administrative applications within the Stanford environment.

Tidemark allows access to accurate and timely information in support of budget planning and decision-making.

Process Driven Approach

Structured processes guide users logically through budgeting tasks. Both high level processes (example below) and steps within processes are mapped.

High-Level Map for Booked Budget Process

Image of high-level map for Booked Budget process

How Tidemark Supports Budget Units and the University

The Tidemark budget management tool supports budget units and the University Budget Office through each of the four phases of Stanford's annual budget cycle:

  • Budget Proposal
  • Budget Plan
  • Booked Budget
  • Year-End Variance Analysis

System Efficiencies

All components of the budget are planned, budgeted and reviewed in a single environment, eliminating the need to aggregate disparate unit actuals and budget plans.

Image of a cloud, with text 'All Academic and Administrative, Actuals and Budgets' and 'tidemark' logo

Data Efficiencies

Before the introduction of Tidemark, data from various sources was manually fed into the Hyperion budgeting application. With Tidemark, foundational budgeting data is automatically fed into the application.

Image of data, in 2 rows of 5 boxes (first row: Actuals, Object Codes, Cost Rise, Orgs, and Pledges; second row: PTAs, Salaries, Labor Dist, GF Alloc, and Hard Commits) all automated in to the tidemark cloud

Time and Resource Efficiencies

While data calculations in Hyperion could take several minutes to hours (applying burden rates) up to as long as a day (seeding prior Fiscal Year data into upcoming year), Tidemark performs these calculations in seconds.

Image of tidemark in the cloud, where 'Data Entry or Copy Data' box points to a clock labeled'seconds'; To the right of the clock, two arrows pointing to the right, split into two boxes: 'BURDENED Copied Data' and 'Seed to Future Year'

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