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There are many reports available to Budget Officers and Analysts to aid in the budget management process. Depending upon the budget management task, you may use one or a combination of these resources.

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Booked Budget Reports

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Year-end Projection and Budget Plan Reports

Tidemark will deliver reporting in support of the Consolidated Budget process for the report categories below.

Report Description
Review Consolidated Budget A consolidated view by award type for any year and. Normally used as an overall look at the Budget. Some drilling capability for more detailed view.
Variance for Budget Plan Used for Variance Explanations during the Budget Plan process. Includes drilling cabability to a more detailed view.
Budget Progression Report Used as a comparison of all scenarios throughout the budget cycle for the last 3 years to help determine trends and accuracy of forecasting.
Five Year History Year over Year comparisions by Scenario over five years to view trends. Includes drilling cabability to a more detailed view.
Final Review and Approval This is the final overall look at the Budget Plan for reasonableness. Includes drilling cabability to a more detailed view.
High Level Object Codes by Orgs A view of totals for major categories with the ability to expand individual categories and quickly see lower level department totals side by side.
Selected Object Codes by Org and CB Award Type A view of how data is rolled up by departments. The ability to select individual object codes and to multiselect codes and categories gives flexibility.
Budget Plan Object Codes by Award Type View of the valid categories for entry for Budget Plan and Year End Projection. Can compare totals with Actuals.
Budget Review and Approval There are various other reports in the Budget Review and Approval process that will allow a user to view more detail below the Dept/AwardType/Rev or Exp Category level. An example would be to use the 306: PTA Detail and Object Code Detail by Month report. Run this report for the slice (dept) and use the page edge filters to navigate to the appropriate year, scenario, Rev or Exp Category, and Award Type to see the lowest level detail for any previous scenarios such as Actuals, Booked Budget, etc.
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Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Financial Reporting

OBI Reporting supports additional analysis for actual expenditures and comparison to budget amounts, with the capabilities and limitations as follows:

Business Need OBI Consolidated Expenditure Reporting (CER) Tidemark
Daily update of data for financial analysis OBI data is updated daily with transactions posted on the prior business day. Actuals are updated in Tidemark on a monthly basis.
Analysis of 9/1 Budget + iBudget Adjustments The Budget Amount in OBI includes the 9/1 Budget for the current fiscal year plus any iBudget Adjustments.

Tidemark does not capture iBudget Adjustments.

Tidemark is the only source for reporting on budgets that are in-progress. The 9/1 budget from Tidemark is available in OBI once the Booked Budget Process has been completed.

Ability to drill down to transaction details OBI supports drills from actual expenditure amounts by PTAE to transaction details such as Earnings by Employee, Expense Requests, Procurement, and iJournals. Tidemark includes actual amounts by PTA and Object Code or Expenditure Type as the lowest level of detail.
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