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How To:  Create a Favorite Group of Accounts (PTAs) in CMS

Before You Start

Setting up Favorites allows you to organize your accounts (PTAs) into functional groups. Favorites can be used to quickly display the PTAs you wish to work with. Favorites are only seen by you while nicknames can be seen and utilized by all who have CMS authority for the PTA.

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  Step 1 – Log in to CMS

  Step 2 – From the Setup screen, search and identify the accounts (PTAs) for which you want to create a favorite group

  Step 3 – Create a Favorite group of accounts (PTAs)


What's Next?

  • You can now use the My Favorites view filter in the Advanced Search to retrieve the newly created group. You can efficiently run reports based on favorite account groupings.
  • You can manage the PTAs in your favorite groups or create new favorites at any time from the Setup tab.





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