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How To:  Create Advance Request

Before You Start

Cash advances are limited to out-of-pocket business expenses associated with travel, and incentive payments to human subjects. See Admin Guide 5.4.1 for University policy.

It is recommended that you create and save your Preferences before entering your first expense report: General preferences, frequently used Allocations, customized Approver information and Events.

Advances are allowed for faculty, staff, and students. However, it is preferred that an individual or department Travel Card is used instead of a cash advance. Visitors may not receive a cash advance.

If an advance has been pre-appoved, obtain supporting documentation from the Pre-Approver (which must be attached to the transaction), and add the Pre-Approver to the Approver Routing List.

Note:  Advance requests for foreign expenses must be associated with a foreign event. It is recommended that the foreign Event be set up in Preferences prior to beginning the advance request. Refer to Guidelines for Use of Advance Categories.

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bullet iconStep 5 – Allocate to PTAEs on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate PTAEs using any combination of these 3 options:

Manually Enter PTAEs

Apply My Allocations Preferences

Update / Split Allocations

bullet iconStep 5 – Designate Approvers on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate approver(s) using any combination of these 3 options:

Apply My Approvers Preferences

Populate Default Approver(s)

Manually Add Approver(s) / FYI Recipient(s)/ Pre-Approvers

bullet iconStep 6 – Attach Receipts / Backup Documents

All advances for travel must include supporting documentation such as an airline ticket receipt showing proof of payment. Departments may have specific requirements and forms for advance requests.

If an advance has been pre-approved, supporting documentation must be obtained from the Pre-Approver and attached to the expense line or to the transaction.

click to see demo See Attach / View Receipts Demo (screenshots to be updated)

Upload Attachments Directly to a Line on the Review Page

Upload Attachments to the Transaction Using Attach/View Receipts

Fax Attachments

click to see demo See Fax Attachments Demo (screenshots to be updated)


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