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How To:  Create Domestic Expense Report for a Non-SU Payee (Visitor Reimbursement)

Before You Start

Expense reports for Non-SU Payees are used to report reimbursable business and travel expenses incurred by visitors for the purpose of expense approval, and the allocation of expenses to the appropriate Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type (PTAE). An expense report for a Non-SU Payee (visitor) will result in a reimbursement to the payee for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.

Expense report transaction numbers will have the prefix of VR (Visitor Reimbursement).

  • Use of Stanford Travel for travel booking is expected. Learn about all of its offerings.
  • All expenses for a trip or that pertain to a single business purpose should be included in one expense report.
  • Create and save your Preferences before entering your first expense report: General preferences, frequently used Allocations, customized Approver information and Events.
  • Collect all receipts for a trip or that pertain to one business purpose, organize them by Travel Card or Cash, and by expense type, then scan and save them on your computer's desktop. You may upload them as soon as you are ready to submit the expense report. You may also fax receipts and supporting documents if desired.
    • Create individual files for all Airfare and Lodging receipts, as these will need to be attached individually to the corresponding line in the expense report.
    • All other receipts and supporting documents can be scanned into a single file if desired.
  • If an expense has been pre-approved, obtain supporting documentation from the Pre-Approver (which must be attached to the transaction), and add the Pre-Approver to the Approver Routing List.
  • You may organize all your Cash and Personal Credit Card expenses in an Excel spreadsheet, and copy and paste into an expense report in the Expense Requests system. See How To: Copy and Paste Expense Lines from Excel for instructions and downloadable Excel templates.

To create a new expense report to reimburse a Non-SU Payee (Visitor), follow these steps:

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bullet iconStep 2 – Select Transaction Type and Category

  1. Select Non-SU Payee under Expense Report in the Create New Transaction column
  2. Select Expenses (Dometisc U.S.) or Human Subjects from the drop-down list – See Guidelines for Use of Categories for Non-SU Payees (Visitor Reimbursement)

(Select the category below to see allowed expense type options in Step 5 and 6 of this How To.)

Expenses (Domestic) Non-SU

For reimbursement of domestic travel expenses

Human Subjects Non-SU

If requesting reimbursement for domestic travel expenses for a human subject participant

bullet iconStep 3 – Enter Payee Information

Payee Already Set Up in the Payee Database

Payee Not Yet Set Up in the Payee Database

bullet iconStep 7 – Enter Cash or Personal Credit Card Expenses, and Mileage

On the Transaction Lines screen, note the three tabs:

  • Transaction Lines – use this tab to report cash and personal credit card expenses
  • (Per Diem Expenses – not allowed for Non-SU Payees)
  • Mileage Expenses – use this tab to report Mileage expenses

Be sure you are on the tab appropriate for the expenses being reported.

Start with step d for each expense type if you are pasting expense lines from Excel. See How To: Copy and Paste Expense Lines from Excel for instructions and downloadable Excel templates.

Select expense types that apply to your expenses to see customized instructions:

Transaction Lines
Adjusted Per Diem
Ancillary Airline Fee
Business Meal
Business Meal with Alcohol
Car Rental
Conference Registration
Other Transportation
Travel Meal – Single Meal
Travel Meal – Single Meal with Alcohol
Travel Meals – Daily Total
Travel Meals – Daily Total with Alcohol

Mileage Expenses


bullet iconStep 8 – Allocate to PTAEs on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate PTAEs using any combination of these 3 options:

Manually Enter PTAEs

Apply My Allocations Preferences

Update / Split Allocations

bullet iconStep 9 – Designate Approvers on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate approver(s) using any combination of these 3 options:

Apply My Approvers Preferences

Populate Default Approver(s)

Manually Add Approver(s) / FYI Recipient(s) / Pre-Approvers

bullet iconStep 10 – Attach Receipts / Backup Documents

All expense reports must include receipts and other supporting documentation.

If an expense has been pre-approved, supporting documentation must be obtained from the Pre-Approver and attached to the expense line or to the transaction.

Important:  Expense reports must have attachments uploaded to the line for Airfare, Lodging, and Conference Registration.

click to see demo See Attach / View Receipts Demo (screenshots to be updated)

Upload Attachments Directly to a Line on the Review Page

Upload Attachments to the Transaction Using Attach/View Receipts

Fax Attachments

click to see demo See Fax Attachments Demo (screenshots to be updated)


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