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How To:  Mark Disputed Travel Card (TCard) Transactions

Before You Start

Cardholders and/or the assigned verifier / preparer are responsible for promptly recording a dispute for any charge suspected to be erroneous or fraudulent in the Expense Requests system and then working with the merchant and with the card provider (JPMorgan) to resolve the disputed charge. Charges can only be disputed with JPMorgan within 60 days from the date the transaction is posted.

Since many merchants use centralized clearing houses for credit card processing, the name and location of the merchant on the statement may not initially be recognized by the cardholder. Before disputing, the verifier should check expenditure records carefully and/or work with the traveler to make certain that the charge is indeed an error.

Please note that lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to JPMorgan Chase and Stanford Travel Card Administration via a Support Request.

As soon as a TCard charge is suspected of being fraudulent or erroneous, follow the steps below to mark a TCard charge as in dispute while it is being investigated. You must be the TCard verifier to perform this task.

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click to show more/lessStep 3 – Contact Merchant or JPMorgan

When a dispute is warranted, best practice is to contact the merchant first and try to resolve the dispute, as most erroneous charges are for the wrong amount or for duplicate charges with a merchant. However, it is important to subsequently dispute the transaction with JPMorgan before 60 days from the posting date of the transaction if not resolved with the merchant.

click to show more/lessUpdate Dispute (optional)

You may want to provide updates on the progress of the dispute or end the dispute if it has been resolved with the merchant. Revisit the Dispute Transactions sub-tab.


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