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How To:  Replenish Petty Cash

Before You Start

Stanford petty cash custodians need access to the Expense Request system Petty Cash module to replenish petty cash funds.

You may enter transaction lines in the Petty Cash Upload Template and upload the file in Expense Requests.

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bullet iconStep 2 – Select Replenishment under Petty Cash in the Create New Transaction Column

bullet iconStep 4 – Complete Transaction Lines

You may enter transaction lines via file upload.

Upload Expense Lines

Manually Enter Expense Lines

bullet iconStep 5 – Allocate to PTAs on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate PTAEs using any combination of these 3 options:

If transaction information was uploaded from a CSV file, fields may be already complete.

Manually Enter PTAs

Apply My Allocations Preferences

Update / Split Allocations

bullet iconStep 6 – Designate Approvers on Allocations and Approvers Screen

Designate approver(s) using any combination of these 3 options:

Apply My Approvers Preferences

Populate Default Approver(s)

Manually Add Approver(s) / FYI Recipient(s) / Pre-Approvers

click to show more/lessStep 9 – Submit Receipts and Backup Documentation

Electronic files of required documentation should be placed on your computer's desktop.


What's Next?

  • Transactions requiring backup documents will not be routed to an approver until documents have been provided by upload or fax. If the backup documents are not received and the originator has indicated that backup documents will be attached, the Expense Requests system will send an email within 24 hours indicating that documents have not been received.
  • You may use the Petty Cash Bank Replenishment Form to instruct the bank on how you would like the cash (amount of specific currency and coins). Place petty cash funds in lock box, and store lock box in locked desk or cabinet.
  • See all Expense Requests How Tos.


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