How To: Itemize Travel or Business Expenses

This How-To offers instructions on how to itemize travel and business expenses when creating an expense report. The procedures apply to both TCard charges and out-of-pocket expenses. This How-To also covers how to itemize a partially personal TCard charge (specifying the portion of the charge that is business and the portion that is personal).

Itemize Expenses or Itemize a Partially Personal TCard Transaction

  1. Click Details for the expense line on the Transaction Lines or Travel Card Expenses screen
  2. Click Itemize
  3. Change the Itemized Receipt Amount field to the dollar amount of the business portion of the expense
  4. Enter description in the Remarks
  5. Click Add Another Row and repeat the process to itemize other business portions of the expense

Any remaining amount not put on an itemized line will show as Personal Expenses.

click to see demo See Demo: Itemize a Partially Personal TCard Transaction


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