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How To:  Complete a Gift Transmittal

Before You Start

  • The Gift Transmittal must be initiated in Gift Transmittals before the Gift Transmittal can be completed. See How To: Initiate New Gift Transmittal.
  • If you initiated the gift and are completing the Gift Transmittal, start with Step 4.
  • A completed Gift Transmittal must include the following documents. Consolidating all documents into one electronic file is recommended:
    • Original donor letter and/or pledge documentation for pledge payments
    • Original, postmarked envelope (required at all times of the year)
    • An email will be sent to the faculty member if a COI document is needed in OPACS
    • Payment type information: check, wire transfer, securities, credit card payment, cash

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bullet iconStep 2 – Find the Gift Transmittal

From Gifts Home Page

Using Gift Inquiry

click to show more/lessStep 3 – View Uploaded Documents (upload additional documents if needed)

Note:  Upload file format must be pdf. The file names of documents for upload cannot contain special characters and blank space.

bullet iconStep 4 – Specify New or Existing Account Information

Deposit Gift in a New Account / Fund

Deposit Gift in an Existing Account / Fund


What's Next?

  • The status of the Transmittal Form is changed from "Incomplete" to "In Review" and can be found in the "GIFT TRANSMITTALS IN PROCESS" section on the "Gifts Home" page.

  • If you selected "Yes" or "Detailed" to certain questions in the Questionnaire section, a "Rejection Notification" window will display with the following instructions after clicking the "Save and Submit" button.
    • Contact your School / Unit OSR Senior Contract and Grant Officer by first selecting "Office of Sponsor Research" from the "ORA Office" drop-down list, then your office from the "Office Group" drop-down list on the Staff Directory page of the "Research Administration" web site.
    • If you have received a check, please send it to the identified officer. After the OSR Officer has received the check, it is their responsibility to investigate and initiate any required sponsored proposal or awarding procedures.


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