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How To:  Initiate New Gift Transmittal

Before You Start

Note:  Not all gifts are processed using the Gift Transmittals system, and not all checks that arrive at Stanford are considered gifts. See Gift Transmittals Usage and Award Processing Guidelines.

Please do not initiate a Gift Transmittal until you have physical possession of the gift.

Gifts from Highly Anonymous Donors:
If the donor(s) does not wish to have their name(s) recorded anywhere in the system, please email Development Services and do not initiate a gift transmittal.

Donor Documentation:
Prepare and scan the following documents and save them to a folder on your local computer as a pdf. Consolidating all documents into one electronic file is recommended.

  • Original donor letter and/or pledge documentation for pledge payments
  • Original, postmarked envelope (required at all times of the year)
  • Payment type documentation: check, evidence of wire transfer, securities, credit card payment, cash, pledge

Expand / Collapse All

click to show more/lessStep 3 – Upload Documents and Complete Gift Initiation

  • Consolidating all documents into one electronic file is recommended.
  • The file names of documents for upload cannot contain special characters and blank space.
  • The only acceptable file type is pdf.

bullet iconStep 4 – Complete Cash Receipt Certification Form (Cash Receipts Only)

For cash receipts, complete the Cash Receipt Certification form and turn in with the cash.

click to show more/lessStep 5 – Deliver Payment and All Backup Documentation to Development Services the Same Day It Is Received

Per University policy, all gifts should be initiated and sent to Development Services the same day they are received. Please see Admin Guide Policy 4.2.1.


What's Next?

  • If you chose not to complete the Gift Transmittal Form, the person with appropriate authority listed for the Award Owning Org selected will be notified to complete the form.
  • If you chose to complete the Gift Transmittal Form, you will be routed to the Gift Transmittal Form screen. See How To: Complete a Gift Transmittal for instructions. The status for this gift can be tracked on your "Gifts Home" page.


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