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How To:  Link / Unlink Gift Transmittals

Before You Start

  • If a gift is to be distributed amongst multiple departments or multiple accounts, then a gift transmittal will need to be completed for each allocation and gift transmittals will need to be linked.
  • You may view Gift Transmittal linking information from the Workflow tab.

Expand / Collapse All

bullet iconStep 2 – Find the Gift Transmittal

From Gift Transmittals Home Page

Using Gift Inquiry

bullet iconStep 3 – Link / Unlink Gift Transmittals

Link Gift Transmittals

Unlink Gift Transmittals


What's Next?

  • The link to the Link to Gift Transmittals tab can be found in the left navigation, when you are looking at the Gift Transmittal Form or Gift Transmittal Workflow.


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