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How To:  Reassign Gift Transmittal to Other Award Owning Org

Before You Start

  • The Gift Transmittal must be initiated in Gift Transmittals before you can reassign it to a different Award Owning Org. See How To: Initiate New Gift Transmittal.
  • Reassignment to another org can only be completed when the Transmittal Status is "Incomplete". Reassignment will not be allowed if the Transmittal Status is "In Review".

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  Step 1 – Log in to Gift Transmittals

arrow  Step 2 – Find the Gift Transmittal

From Gifts Home Page

Using Gift Inquiry

  Step 3 – Reassign Gift to Another Department


What's Next?

  • The gift is reassigned to the department you indicated. The new department's Gift Users are notified by email to act on their required tasks for this gift.


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