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How To:  Review / Edit and Approve, Reject or Return Gift Transmittal Form

Before You Start

The Gift Transmittal Form must be completed. See How To: Complete a Gift Transmittal.


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bullet iconStep 2 – Find the Gift Transmittal

From Gifts Home Page

Using Gift Inquiry

bullet iconStep 4 – Act on Assigned Tasks



Return to Initiator / Creator


What's Next?

  • If the Transmittal is approved, the Gift Transmittal moves to the next approver in the workflow. See How to: View Gift Transmittal Workflow and Status.
  • If the Transmittal is rejected, no further action can be taken relative to that gift transmittal number. If the gift transmittal needs to be recreated, it can be found via Gift Inquiry and copied. The copy will be assigned a new transmittal ID number.
  • If the Transmittal is returned to the Gift Initiator / Creator, they must edit and resubmit for approval.


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