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Status and Updates

How Do I Stay Informed of Updates?

The Gift Transmittals user mailing list includes all staff with access to Gift Transmittals. The mailing list will be used to communicate:

  • New system features
  • Planned system downtime
  • System issues
  • Training opportunities

Updates will also be posted here. Visit the Gift Transmittals web site regularly.

Updates and Enhancements
Description Communication Date

System updates:

  • Standardize color scheme
  • User interface and navigation changes
October 31, 2016

System updates and best practices:

  • Changes to the transmittal and donor exports
  • Requesting new capital funds
  • Updated FAQ's
  • Top priority future enhancements
June 20, 2013

Process updates due to campus-wide rollout:

  • New Award requests accompanied by a pledge document and/or a check must be submitted in the Gift Transmittals system
  • Initiating New Fund Requests in Gift Transmittals
  • Processing Gifts or Pledges to Existing Awards
March 29, 2013


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