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Bulletin:  Feeder Management Capabilities (for Feeder Owners)

For Feeder Owners:

Systems and Reporting Operations is pleased to announce new Feeder Management capabilities in iJournals, including:

  • Ability to authorize Feeders for processing directly in iJournals, eliminating the need to send email authorization to Systems and Reporting Operations (with the exception of feeders requiring central office completion). The authorization process queues the feeder journal for nightly posting.
  • Extended daily posting window for processing Feeders (6:00am – 6:30pm)

New Features include:

  • A new Feeder Management page
  • Live link in Feeders Requiring Action section on the Home page for quick access to Feeder Management page
  • Ability to systematically Authorize and Post or Purge Feeders from within the Feeder Management page
  • View all Feeders owned from Feeder Inquiry tab, or search for a single Feeder ID

For more details on features and functionality, see new step-by-step instructions:


Submit a HelpSU ticket. Select Request Category Administrative Applications and Request Type Oracle Financials.


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Feeder Management Capabilities (for Feeder Owners)


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