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How To:  Create and Upload Feeder Journals (for Feeder Originators)

Before You Start

Feeder Originators use the iJournals module to upload their feeder journal by using the iJournals Upload Template for validation and completion.

In order to be an eligible feeder owner, you must have completed and sent to the Systems and Reporting Operations (S&RO) distribution list the following:

A feeder should only be uploaded when a file contains:

  • More than 1500 transaction lines
  • Salary that is not included in Labor Distribution
  • Other confidential data

Uploads allow creation of the header and detail lines sections of the feeder entry in Excel.


  • As of March 21, 2015, Feeder Originators see a "Submit" button instead of the "Approve" button. With the new process, when a feeder is uploaded and submitted for approval, the feeder must be approved by the Business Process Owner or any of the other assigned Feeder Owner(s) other than the Originator.
  • All feeders must be uploaded, validated, and approved by 6:30 PM in order to meet the nightly Month-End Close processing deadlines.

To approve Feeder Journals, please see How To: Approve Feeder Journals.

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bullet iconStep 10 – Review Feeder Status

The Status value in the Feeders Requiring Action section reflects one of the following:

  • Processing – System is validating feeder lines
  • Validated – Feeder has been validated and queued for submittal
  • Invalid – Invalid feeder lines must be forced using the Force PTA option or feeder file must be purged and resubmitted

Feeders with a Status of Validated or Invalid contain a live link. Clicking the link will allow you to take action on the selected feeder. If you wish to take action on multiple feeders, refine your Status search to Validated or Invalid. See How To: Search Feeder Journals.

Note:  As of March 23, 2015, the Feeder Originator cannot approve and post his/her own feeder. The "Submit" button is available to the originator uploading the feeder and it will be routed for approval to the Business Process Owner and Feeder Owner(s) designated to approve the journal.

Validated Status – Submit Feeder for Approval

The daily upload, validate and approval deadline for same night posting is 6:30pm.

Validated Status – Purge a Feeder

Examples why a user may consider (or need to) purge a VALID feeder:

  • Format issues with the file
  • Data issues with the file
  • "Force" button is not available for the Feeder ID

Invalid Status – Purge a Feeder

Examples why a user may consider (or need to) purge an INVALID feeder:

  • The GL Period used in the uploaded feeder is no longer open, thus, the only option at this point is to purge the feeder and re-upload with the current open GL Period
  • Feeder was erroneously uploaded multiple times
  • User notices information that should not be included in the file

Invalid Status – Force a Feeder

The Force button is available and enabled for a Feeder ID that has been setup with an alternate PTA.

Rejected Status – Purge a Feeder

Feeder was rejected by the approver.


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