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How To:  Create an Upload Journal

Before You Start

Uploads allow creation of the header and detail lines sections of the journal entry in Excel. Journal entries are then uploaded to iJournals for validation and completion.

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  Step 1 – Open iJournals Upload Template

  Step 2 – Enter the Header Lines (HEAD and EXPL)

  Step 3 – Enter the Detail Lines (DETL)

  Step 4 – Complete the Header and Save the File

  Step 5 – Launch Stanford's Oracle Financials

  Step 6 – Upload the File

  Step 7 – Open Uploaded Journal and Check Data

  Step 8 – Check for Validation Errors

arrow  Step 9 – Complete Approver Routing on Routinglist Screen

Depending upon the journal form type, approvers are selected based on either PTAs debited or credited.

Originator without Approval / Sufficient Authority

Originator with Sufficient Approval Authority

  Step 10 – Check and Submit Journal

  Step 11 – Print Copy of Journal (optional)

  Step 12 – Exit iJournals


What's Next?

  • The journal is routed, in sequence, to the approvers and any FYI recipients listed on the routing list.
  • After the final approval, the iJournals system validates the journal a final time to ensure nothing has changed (e.g., PTA segment closed) since the transaction was submitted.
  • If the journal is valid, it will post to the General Ledger. If it is not valid, the system rejects the journal and sends a notice to the originator, with copies to approvers and/or FYI recipients. The originator must update the journal and resubmit.
  • Journal originators are responsible for monitoring the approval status of their journals. Journals must be completely approved, including end-routes, by the cut-off date each month to be included in the month's activities. See Overview: Month-End Close and refer to Month-End Close Deadlines.
  • At the end of each month, the Information Systems and Reporting group will change the period of any unapproved journals in the system to the following month (e.g., the period for any November journals not approved by the cut-off will automatically be changed to December). An unapproved journal will remain active in the system until it is fully approved.


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