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iJournals Reports

iJournals transaction details are included in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Consolidated Expenditure Reporting (CER) dashboard reports. Use CER to monitor and manage movement of expenditures between accounts. Report data includes header information, transaction details and approval history for manual and feeder journals.

iJournals Inquiries

iJournals Users may use Public Inquiry within iJournals to access and print individual journals. Protected journal entries (e.g., human subjects) may only be viewed by the originator and Central Office users.

iJournal transactions can be found in the Consolidated Expenditure Reporting Dashboard of OBI, in the iJournals report.

Feeder Ownersa subset of iJournals Specialists – may use Feeder Inquiry within iJournals to:

  • Select specific feeder files based on criteria entered
  • Access a feeder file via an excel icon
  • View last Status Date column for time stamp of last action performed on a feeder


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