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Status and Updates

How Do I Stay Informed about iJournals?

  • To receive email communications regarding changes and updates to iJournals, subscribe to iJournals-users@lists.
  • Check "What's New" in the column on the right for current iJournals Bulletins.
  • Check Archived Bulletins to view communications distributed on or after August 1, 2007. Bulletins are organized by activity and date. See Month-End / Year-End Close or Funds Management for iJournals communications.
Updates and Enhancements
Description Communication Date

Additional Transaction Validation for iJournals

March 17, 2014

iJournals Accrual Reversals

July 22, 2013
iJournal Enhancements
  • Log-in Role (Public, Specialist, Central) Displayed on All iJournals Screens
  • Ability to Attach Documents to iJournals
  • New Approval Routing List Functionality
  • Approval Policy Change
June 24, 2013

Feeder Management Capabilities (for Feeder Owners)

June 24, 2013


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