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Gaining Access to iOU

There are three levels of access to iOU, referred to as "Login responsibilities," that determine the activities that a user is able to perform within iOU (e.g. reimbursements requests, Travel Card validations or petty cash replenishments).

Access to iOU with "SU iOU Public" responsibility is a pre-requisite to gaining other iOU responsibilities (e.g. iOU Travel Card and iOU Petty Cash).

"SU iOU Public" Responsibility

If you need to initiate reimbursement, advance, or other check requests for you or for other individuals, you will need "SU iOU Public" authority. To obtain this access:

Once both of these conditions are met, an automated nightly process will assign you Oracle responsibility "SU iOU Public," giving you access to iOU from the main Oracle home page.

"iOU Travel Card" Responsibility

If you are assigned to validate Travel Card charges and initiate expense reports that include Travel Card charges, you will need " iOU Travel Card" authority in addition to " SU iOU Public" authority. To obtain Travel Card access:

Travel Card Administration in Strategic Payment Services will update the Oracle profile for the designated Validator after confirming that the Validator has completed required training and the cardholder's application has been approved.

After satisfying all requirements, the designated Validator will be able to access and use the iOU Travel Card module of the iOU System.

For questions or help, please email Travel Card Administration or call 1-650-723-2772.

"iOU Petty Cash" Responsibility

If you are a Certified Petty Cash Custodians, you will need "iOU Petty Cash" responsibility in addition to " SU iOU Public" responsibility to initiate requests to replenish department Petty Cash funds. To obtain Petty Cash access:

After satisfying all requirements, you will be able to access and use the iOU Petty Cash module of the iOU System.

Browser Requirements

For the Internet Procurement features and functions to work properly on PC and Mac computers, you must use recommended browsers. To verify which browsers are authorized for the Internet Procurement application, review the Administrative System Browser Requirements web page.


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