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How To:  Review / Edit and Approve Reimbursement / Expense Reports in iOU

Before You Start

  • Approvers with access to iOU may approve reimbursement requests in iOU or the Oracle Financials Worklist.
  • To edit a transaction, you must have access to iOU.
  • No one can approve his or her own expense reimbursement, or the expense reimbursement of an individual to whom he or she reports directly or indirectly.
  • All transactions done in iOU must be reviewed and approved by authorized personnel for each PTA charged.

You may also review and approve reimbursement / expense reports in SU Workflow.

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What's Next?

  • The transaction is routed to the next approver on the approver routing list.
  • After approval, the department's charge account is debited and the Travel and Reimbursements department reimburses the payee.


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