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How To:  Request an Advance in iOU

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What's Next?

  • Under IRS rules, advances not cleared within 60 days of use of funds will be forced cleared by Travel and Reimbursements Department and the advance amount will be tax-reported to the designated payee. Advances are cleared when the reimbursement request is entered in iOU. See How To: Enter Expense Report / Reimbursement Request in iOU.
  • Unused advance funds must be returned to Travel and Reimbursements Department. See How To: Return Unused Advance Funds.
  • Transactions requiring backup documents will not be routed to an approver until documents have been faxed in and electronically attached. If the backup documents are not received and the originator has indicated that backup documents will be attached, the iOU system will send an email every 24 hours indicating that documents have not been received, until they are received.
  • The bar code sheet can be re-printed in the future to fax additional documents if necessary. To re-print the bar code page, click the "Reprint Barcode" button on the bottom section of the Transaction Review page.


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