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How To:  Return Unused Advance Funds

Before You Start

Advance funds which were unspent should be returned within 30 days of completing associated travel or incurring expense, or when intended travel or intended expense is canceled.

Advances that are not cleared via an expense report / reimbursement request or by returning funds, will be withheld from subsequent reimbursements to the payee, or may be reported as personal income to the payee.

Note:  If none of the advance was used (you are returning the full amount), start at Step 3. You do not need to clear via an expense report / reimbursement request in iOU.

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  Step 1 – Log in to iOU Reimbursement

arrow  Step 2 – Clear an Advance in iOU

If partial advance is spent, refer to Enter Expense Report / Reimbursement Request in iOU (Step 8 - Complete Advance Clearing).

  Step 3 – Write a Personal Check for the Unused Amount

  Step 4 – Send Check and Advance Transaction Information to Travel and Reimbursement Department


What's Next?

Travel and Reimbursement Department will clear the outstanding Advance.


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