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About iOU

What Is iOU?

iOU is a custom reimbursement application developed specifically to meet the needs of Stanford University.

Why Use iOU?

iOU is used for the following types of transactions:

  • Expense Reporting / Reimbursement Requests

    Expense reports are created in the Reimbursements module to report business related expenditures and to request reimbursement from the University for out-of-pocket business expenses, including business travel expenditures.

  • Travel Card Validation

    Payments made using a Stanford Travel Card (a University-paid MasterCard) are electronically sent to the Travel Card Transaction Queue of the Travel Card module for the person assigned to validate the cardholder's charges. Once validated, expenses charged to a travel card must also be recorded in an expense report. When completing the expense report, validated travel card charges are available from an auto-populated list in the Reimbursement module of iOU.

  • Advances

    Some expenses qualify for advance payment when charges are incurred before traveling, or payment is required in advance. Examples of expenses qualifying for advance payment might include air fare, lodging pre-payments and human subject payments.

  • Petty Cash Replenishment

    Petty Cash custodians use the Petty Cash module of iOU to replenish a department's Petty Cash account.

  • Other Check Requests

    Other Check requests are sometimes used for payments to human subjects, honoraria payments to non-Stanford employees, royalties, and payments to suppliers that do not require a purchase order, such as organizations for dues and subscriptions and conference registration.

How Do I Start Using iOU?

Staff has access to Oracle Financials via their SUNet ID and password.

Visit the Access section to learn about training and authority required for new users to gain access to the iOU module of Oracle to perform specific activities outlined above.


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