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Becoming Proficient in iOU

Your role and the type of activities you support will determine the type of iOU training you will need. iOU training is web-based and can be taken at your convenience. Online step-by-step instructions and open lab sessions are available to help you become proficient at using iOU.

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Training for New Users

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Initiate and manage reimbursement requests and expense reports

FIN-0455:  iOU Reimbursement / Expense Reports
This web-based, self-paced class will highlight how reimbursements and expense reports are processed in Stanford's iOU System, including: the basics of iOU, how to initiate an expense report, the transaction approval process, and other helpful tasks.

Validate Stanford Travel Card charges and originate expense reports for travel charges

FIN-0400:  Traveling for Stanford
This web-based, self-paced class will review the importance of following Stanford's policies related to travel and expense reporting, identify roles and responsibilities relative to traveling for Stanford, and make informed decisions and take appropriate actions before, during, and after travel.

FIN-0401:  Processing Travel Card Charges in iOU
This web-based, self paced class will give an understanding of the Stanford Travel Card Program (a University-paid MasterCard), and give an overview on how to validate Travel Card charges and how to initiate expense reports that include Travel Card charges in Stanford's iOU Expense Reporting System.

Process requests for advance funds

FIN-0456:  iOU Advances
This web-based, self-paced class will illustrate how advances are processed in Stanford's iOU Systems, incorporating the skills obtained from FIN-0455: iOU Reimbursements / Expense Reports.

Administer and reconcile department petty cash funds

FIN-0464:  iOU Petty Cash
This web-based, self-paced class will show how to apply policy, process, and procedural information to initiate requests for Petty Cash replenishments using the iOU System.

Initiate and manage requests for other checks

FIN-0462:  iOU Other Checks
This web-based, self-paced class will demonstrate how to create check requests using the iOU "Other Check" module of the Oracle Financials System, searching and review Other Check transactions for accuracy, submit Other Check transactions for approval, locate and discuss accounting policies associated with Other Check requests, and find Other Check reports in ReportMart3.

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