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How To:  Approve or Reject a Purchase Requisition

Before You Start

Individuals with PTA approval authority receive an email notification that an approval on a requisition is pending.

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bullet iconStep 1 – Access Requisition

Access Requisition from Browser (recommended process)

Access Requisition from Email


What's Next?

  • If the requisition is approved, the next step is dependent on the order type:
    • Amazon Business or SmartMart Requisition – The order is immediately placed with the supplier.
    • Standard Requisition
      • If under $25,000 and the purchase does not require a contract, Oracle assigns a purchase order number and automatically transmits the order to the supplier. The originator receives an FYI notification that the order has been placed.
      • If $25,000 or more, OR if Standard Consultant is the selected Requisition Request Type (regardless of the dollar amount), the approved requisition is routed to Procurement for processing.
  • If the requisition is rejected, it is routed back to the originator for correction. The originator can:
    • change PTA information
    • change approvers
    • change delivery location
    • add lines
    • include a single/sole source justification as an attachment
    • include other attachments


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