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How To:  Submit Request for New Supplier

Over 14,000 suppliers are included in Stanford's supplier database for selection when completing iProcurement non-catalog requisitions.

Occasionally, you may anticipate engaging with a new supplier with whom Stanford has not yet done business, and can complete and submit a Request for New Supplier. This should be done as far in advance as possible to ensure the supplier information is made available from the database for you to complete your requisition.

Before You Start

Use the Supplier Query tool to search the Supplier Database to ensure the supplier you wish to add is not already included.

Note:  The Supplier Query tool is available in the SU Inquiry Tools folder from the Oracle Financials home page.

Once you determine that the Supplier is not currently in the Supplier Database:

Expand / Collapse All


What's Next?

  • The Supplier Enablement Group will verify whether the supplier is in the database, for example with an inactive status.
  • The Supplier Enablement Group will contact you within three business days for any required clarification, and/or to notify you when your requested supplier has been added to the Supplier Database.
  • Search for your previous supplier requests and vew request status:
    • Go to New Supplier Request search page
    • Enter your SUNet ID and password
    • Click the drop-down list to the left of the search box to select search criteria
    • Enter the new supplier information
    • Click Go
    • Results will display below


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