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How To:  Request Rush Payment

Before You Start

A rush payment can be requested when the department would like to expedite the payment to the supplier made on a Standard Requuisition. The request should be made when creating the Standard Requisition.

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bullet iconRequest Rush Payment

The approver / attachment page (page 2) of checkout is where to initiate a rush payment request.

  1. Click Add Attachment
  2. Use the drop-down and select Rush Payment ($35 Processing Fee)
  3. Select the text box and enter "Use PTA XXX to pay for $35 processing fee"

    Note:  Enter the appropriate PTA in the message above. Some PTAs may not be used to pay processing fees. Please consult your manager or budget officer.

If you would like to see the full steps, please see How To: Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition.


What's Next?

Accounts Payable will pay the supplier by check or electronic transfer within 48-72 hours. For more information, visit Payment Handling Methods and Processing Times page.


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