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How To:  Return Goods

Before You Start

Proceed with a return based on how the order was placed. Confirm what order type was used to procure the goods or services (SmartMart or Standard Requisition).

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bullet iconStep 2 – Initiate a Return

SmartMart Purchased Goods

Standard Purchase Order Purchased Goods

Standard Lease


click to show more/lessStep 4 – Specify the Items to Return

Your order must not be cancelled. In order to apply the credit, the order must remain open.


What's Next?

  • The history in iProcurement was updated.
  • The supplier will issue a credit to offset the original invoice.
  • If you are returning the item and not receiving a replacement on the same purchase order, you can have that purchasing commitment removed from your reports, see View or Supress a Commitment.


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