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Overview: OBI Reports

OBI Financial Reporting is a multi-year program that promotes a unified approach to the University's delivery of financial reporting solutions through the re-architecture of tools and processes.

The first phase addressed the Payroll and Labor Management business function reporting.

Numerous enhancements have been added to this phase. One example is enrichment of financial reference data inquiry (e.g., PTA attributes). This provides, in a single platform, data currently available in numerous ReportMart3 reports.

The second phase will address core Integrated Payments and Expenditure Reporting. This phase will include non-salary expenditure management areas such as procurement, accounts payments related to purchase order invoices, reimbursements and other payment processes managed through Accounts Payable such as Travel Card and Purchasing Card transactions.

Subsequent phases will address all areas of financial reporting at Stanford.

Click on the roadmap below for detailed descriptions of reports that have been released.

Graphic of report release roadmap Click to learn more about Payroll and Labor Management Reporting Click to learn more about Financial Reference Data Inquiry

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