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How To:  Dispute PCard Transactions

Before You Start

The most common reason to dispute a transaction is suspected merchant error. If you suspect an error, immediately contact the merchant directly. If the dispute is readily resolved by the merchant, there is no need to contact JPMorgan or to notify PCard Administration. You will receive a workflow notification when the merchant has processed the credit.

If for any reason you suspect the Purchasing Card may have been compromised, contact JP Morgan Customer Service and request that the card be canceled / reissued (see Step 1 below).

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bullet iconDo you want to dispute charges on an Individual Purchasing Card?

Dispute Charges on an Individual PCard

bullet iconDo you want to dispute charges on a Department Purchasing Card?

Charges incurred on a Department Purchasing Card are not disputable with JPMorgan. Consequently, the Department is ultimately liable for any fraudulent and erroneous charges not resolved directly with the merchant and therefore, must be verified and expensed to the department's PTA.

Department Card Custodian/Verifier should check with card users to determine if the questionable transaction is due to an internal error by department (e.g. duplicate purchases, improper use of card).

Dispute Charges on a Department PCard Due to Internal Error by Department

Dispute Charges on a Department PCard Due to Suspected Fraud


What's Next?

  • Depending upon the circumstances, PCard Administration will inform necessary parties (e.g., Internal Audit and/or Risk Management in the case of actual or suspected fraud or stolen card/ account information).
  • Once a dispute has been resolved by the bank and/or merchant, and an associated credit has been processed, you will receive a workflow notification. See how to verify a credit against a disputed charge: Step 4 of How To:  Verify PCard Transactions.
  • If cancel / reissue has been requested, PCard Administration will contact you when the replacement card is available for pick-up.


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