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How To:  Review, Approve or Reject PCard Verifications

Before You Start

You must have approval authority over the PTAEs charged in a PCard transaction to review, approve, or reject PCard verifications through Oracle Workflow Notification.


  1. PCard Verifiers may not approve transactions.
  2. PCard expenses should be verified and approved as soon as practicable after charges are incurred, but no later than 60 days after charges are incurred. After the designated PCard verifier has completed their action, a system-generated email notifies authorized approvers (for each PTAE charged to the PCard) that transactions are awaiting their review and approval. If expenses are approved after 60 days, they are reported as taxable income to individual cardholders. Consistent late verification and approval of charges may result in card suspension.

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bullet iconStep 3 – Approve or Reject the PCard Verification

Approve the PCard Verification

Reject the PCard Verification


What's Next?

  • If an approved transaction has unusually high cost, it may be escalated for final approval.
  • After approval, the department's charge account specified during verification is debited.
  • Stanford's Accounts Payable department pays the monthly consolidated bank invoice.
  • Approvers may monitor PCard activities using the PCard Reports available in OBI.
  • Retain hard copy receipts until you have verified that receipts have uploaded successfully and confirmed payment processing is complete. See Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.5: Retention of Financial Records.


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