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How To:  Verify PCard Transactions

Before You Start

Staff responsible for verifying, editing, approving, or withdrawing charges made against department or individual Stanford issued Purchasing Cards will require PCard access.

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  Step 1 – Log in to PCard

  Step 2 – Select PCard Transaction to Verify

  Step 3 – Complete PCard Verification Header Information

arrow  Step 4 – Flag Transaction as Disputed (Yes or No)

Select Dispute "No"

Select Dispute "Yes" to Flag Original Charge as Disputed

Select Dispute "Yes" to Verify Credit against a Disputed Charge

arrow  Step 5 – Complete the PCard Charge Account Information

Charge One PTA / Expenditure Type

Charge Multiple PTAs / Expenditure Types

arrow  Step 6 – Complete the List of Approvers

If the approver has sufficient approval authority over the PTAE(s) charged, it is not necessary to add other approvers. The system will tell you if you have not listed the correct approvers.

Enter the Approver to the Transaction

Find an Approver by Name

Find All Approvers for a Project and Task

  Step 7 – Submit the Transaction for Approval

  Step 8 – Attach Backup Receipts to the PCard Transaction


What's Next?

  • The transaction is routed for review and approval per the approval routing specified in Step 6 above. In a timely manner, the approver is responsible for reviewing and approving the transaction for:
    • accuracy of information;
    • correct account usage; and
    • adherence to Stanford policy.
  • After approval, the department's charge account (the PTAE verified in Step 4 above) is debited.
  • Stanford's Accounts Payable department pays the monthly consolidated bank invoice.
  • For transaction details, contact the bank at 1-800-316-6056.


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