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About the PCard Module of Oracle Financials

What Is the PCard Module?

PCard is a custom module of the Oracle Financials system used to verify, edit, search, approve, or withdraw charges made against Stanford Purchasing Cards. Purchasing Cards (a.k.a. PCards or Procurement Cards) are Stanford liability credit cards issued to approved University faculty, staff, and student employees (as required) for use in making University business purchases. Within prescribed limits, Purchasing Cards may be used as an alternative to a purchase requisition, or for expenses that an individual might otherwise pay for personally that would then require reimbursement via either Petty Cash or a reimbursement request. For more information, reference Overview: Stanford's Purchasing Card Program.

Types of Transactions in the PCard Module

PCard Verifications

Designated Purchasing Card Verifiers with access to the PCard module can review transaction details, enter clear business purposes, generate missing receipt forms, verify sales tax, verify / update charge accounts, and, as needed, flag transactions for dispute with the merchant and/or bank.

PCard Approvals

Approvers with access to the PCard module can review transaction details and either approve, edit or return the transaction to the Verifier with comments. Edits may include updating charge accounts, or adding approvers or FYI recipients to the approval routing list.

How Do I Start Using the PCard Module?

There is only one level of access to the PCard module in Oracle. "SU PCard" responsibility enables authorized Verifiers and Approvers to review and approve Purchasing Card transactions.

See Gaining Access to PCard Module.


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