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The following reports are available in ReportMart3 to help staff with the process of tracking and reconciling Purchasing Card transactions.

Related Report Types and Uses for Purchasing Cards (PCards)
Report Title Report Description
FIN_PCARD_186_Transaction_Summary Shows total amount of PCard transactions for a given date range. This report was created to validate the amount that is owed to the bank for PCard transactions posted in Oracle regardless of status. The Summary Report lists the total amount for the period as entered in the beginning and end date and a total count of transactions for the same criteria.
FIN_PCARD_187_Transaction_Detail Provides a list of PCard transactions based on entered criteria. Includes the Oracle feed transaction ID number, Merchant Name, Transaction Date, Transaction Total, Business Purpose, Cardholder Name, Verifier Name, Approver Name, Approver Date, Status, Disputed Yes or No, Receipt of File Yes or No, Sales Tax Yes or No, PTAE, Task-Owning Org, Allocation Amount and Allocation Reason.
FIN_PCARD_189_Aging_Report Provides Cardholders, Card Administrators, and PCard Administration a list of PCard transactions that are pending verification and approval (e.g. current, past due 10-30 days, past due 31-60 days and past due 61+ days)
FIN_PCARD_257_Custodians Provides a list of "active" PCards based upon the search criteria entered. Data elements include Card Number (last four digits shown), Cardholder Name, Verifier Name, Verifier Email, Verifier Phone Number, Training Date, Card Approving Manager, Per Transaction Limit amount, Per Period Limit amount, and Default PTAE.


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