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How To:  Locate a Cart Assigned to You

Before You Start

You received an email indicating a SmartMart cart has been assigned to you.

Note:  Multiple SmartMart carts can be consolidated into one iProcurement requisition, see How To: Combining Carts.

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bullet iconStep 4 – Assign a Cart or Create iProcurement Requisition

Assign a Cart

Create a Requisition

bullet iconStep 5 – Checkout

bullet iconPage 1:  Requisition Information

Charge One PTA / Expenditure Type

Charge Multiple PTAs

Use Multiple Expenditure Types


What's Next?

  • The requisition is routed to the designated financial approver(s).
  • Upon approval, the order is placed with the suppliers.
  • An email will be sent from the supplier to you confirming the order and giving the estimated time of arrival.


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