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About iProcurement: SmartMart (catalog orders)

What Is SmartMart?

SmartMart is the recommended and preferred purchasing method at Stanford. SmartMart provides a fast, efficient online source for searching and purchasing.

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Why Use SmartMart?

  • Fast, Easy, Smart

    With 4 million products available, SmartMart provides the fastest avenue to fulfilling your school or department's shopping needs, big or small. There is no dollar limit for orders placed in SmartMart.

  • Preferred Suppliers

    When you shop SmartMart, you take advantage of Stanford-negotiated pricing with preferred suppliers. Orders and invoicing are electronic and seamless.

  • Integrates the Best Options

    SmartMart integrates multiple supplier catalogs into one robust online shopping experience. SmartMart offers campus a wide breadth of products and services, from office and laboratory supplies to books, computers, furniture, and catering.

How Do I Get Started in SmartMart?

Access to Oracle Financials (ofweb) is required to shop in SmartMart or use iProcurement's other non-catalog options.

Staff have access to Oracle Financials via their SUNet ID and password.

Visit the Training section to see how to acquire basic SmartMart competencies and how to benefit from available on-going support to best meet your department shopping needs.


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