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The following reports are available in ReportMart3 to help staff track purchase requisitions, purchase orders and invoice payments.

Related Report Types and Uses for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices
Report Title Report Description
FIN_PO_209_AP_Supplier_Info Provides a listing of all vendors, 3rd party payees and Stanford payees (staff, faculty, affiliates) stored in the Oracle ERP system for purchase order, non-purchase order and reimbursement payments.
FIN_PO_207_AP_Requisition_Detail Run this report to see all the information pertinent to your requisitions, including Purchase Order, Invoice, and Payment information.
FIN_PO_206_AP_Purch_Order_Detail Use this report to find and display information specific to Purchase Orders. This report is searchable by PO Number, Supplier Name, or Buyer Name. Provides detailed information associated with a given Purchase Order, including Receiving, Invoice, and Payment information.
FIN_EXP_148_Purch_Order_Recon This report can be used to aid in the detailed review of Purchase Orders. The report includes information related to the Purchase Order including any PO Change Order Number, Receiving information, Invoice information and Payment information. An alternative to this report is using the SU Inquiry Tool "Requisition and Purchase Order Query" and drilling to the purchase order information.
FIN_PO_201_AP_Invoice_Detail Provides detailed information associated with invoices based on the search criteria provided. Includes Supplier, Invoice, and Payment information.
FIN_PO_205_AP_Remittance_Advice Provides complete information about checks generated from the Accounts Payable system. Displays check number, date, and amount, and all invoices and invoice amounts related to that check.


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