ARCHIVED Bulletin: Expenditure Type & Object Code Updates (Posted November 2, 2009)

Expenditure Types and Object Codes are used to properly code purchases, expense reports, journal entries and receipts in Oracle Financials. This page provides a monthly summary of new expenditure types and object codes, and changes to existing expenditure types and object codes.

On this page:

New Expenditure Types
EXP Type Title Description Usage Rules
iBudget IJ Public IJ Special IJ Central IPO
58382 INTERDEPT OCC HEALTH CTR SRVCS Interdepartmental charge - Medical Services performed at the Occupational Health Center located in Environmental Health and Safety. Charges may also include vaccines and/or other medical supplies. Costs should no t be charged to sponsored agreements unless permitted by the sponsor. Yes Yes Yes Yes No
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New Object Codes
Object Code Title Description Usage Rules
iBudget IJ Public IJ Special IJ Central IPO
46650 MHA LEGAL SERVICES Menlo Health Alliance Legal Services (Legal fees and costs are no longer paid through hospitals, but paid directly by Menlo Health Alliance) Yes No Yes No No
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Changes to Existing Expenditure Types and Object Codes
EXP Type/Object Code What Changed? From... To...
Exp Type 59420 SHC UNALLOW CATERING Disabled Enabled
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Staying Informed

To receive email communications regarding monthly updates to Expenditure Types and Object Codes, subscribe to et_obj_updates@lists.

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Additional Resources

The following resources are available to help properly code transactions:

If existing Expenditure Types or Object Codes do not meet your department needs, see How To: Request New (or Change Existing) Expenditure Type or Object Code.

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