ARCHIVED Bulletin: Expenditure Type & Object Code Updates (Posted November 24, 2009)

Expenditure Types and Object Codes are used to properly code purchases, expense reports, journal entries and receipts in Oracle Financials. This page provides a monthly summary of new expenditure types and object codes, and changes to existing expenditure types and object codes.

On this page:

New Expenditure Types
EXP Type Title Description Usage Rules
iBudget IJ Public IJ Special IJ Central IPO
52160 CO NON-SALARY ADJUSTMENTS Controller's office use only-To record the allocation of non-salary adjustments to facilitate quarterly and year-end reporting of financial statements. Yes No No Yes No
51947 CO FAIR ADJUSTMENTS Controller's Office Use Only. To record the quarterly and year-end salary like adjustments that are needed for reporting purposes. Segregation between 51911 and 51947 adjustments will provide better analysis and visibility for both the Budget Office and the Controller's Office. Yes No No Yes No
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New Object Codes
Object Code Title Description Usage Rules
iBudget IJ Public IJ Special IJ Central IPO
No New Object Code Created
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Changes to Existing Expenditure Types and Object Codes
EXP Type/Object Code What Changed? From... To...
Obj Code 42989 LPCH HOUSING &MOVING ALLOW Disabled Enabled
Exp Type 54640 NURSING STAFF SVCS Enabled Disabled
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Staying Informed

To receive email communications regarding monthly updates to Expenditure Types and Object Codes, subscribe to et_obj_updates@lists.

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Additional Resources

The following resources are available to help properly code transactions:

If existing Expenditure Types or Object Codes do not meet your department needs, see How To: Request New (or Change Existing) Expenditure Type or Object Code.

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Past Requests

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For additional help, please submit a HelpSU ticket.

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