ARCHIVED Bulletin: New Job Aid - Object Codes: 46XXX Revenue Definitions (Posted February 2, 2009)

We are pleased to announce the following new Job Aid posted in the Account Structure: Chart of Accounts section of the Gateway to Financial Activities web site:

The Job Aid is an Excel spreadsheet containing definitions and rules for revenue object codes beginning with 46XXX, "Special Program Fees and Other Income".

The spreadsheet includes:

  • Object Code numbers, Titles, Definitions (which explain the correct use of the codes), and Additional Information that may be helpful.
  • Object Categories (rows colored in grey) that cannot be used for posting.

We will continue to update Object Code Definitions and will notify you as additional Object Code Job Aids are made available. Special thanks go to all the distributed users for their input clarifying definitions and to Bryan Brown for managing the project.


If you have any questions, please contact Rekha Nandakumar at 650-723-9240 or via email at

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